Friday, 14 February 2014

Woman Jumps Out Of Window unclad After She Was Caught Having s*x With Teenager

An Arizona woman jumped out of a 15-year-old boy’s second-floor bedroom window after his mother caught her in his room unclad.

The 34-year-old woman identified as Keri Gonzalez broke her ankle when she landed and limped down the street away from the home but she was identified a half an hour later, after she limped back to the home to say she had injured herself in the fall

According to report, Keri Gonzalez snuck into the boy’s home with alcohol for them to share and then had s*x twice with the teenager. At about 2.a.m, the boy’s mother heard knocking sounds by the stairs and on the wall and went to check her son’s room which she found locked. When her son finally opened the door, she saw a unclad female crouching down on the floor between the bed and wall.

The mother yelled at the female to get out of her house at which point Keri quickly grabbed her clothes and jumped out of the two-story bedroom window to the ground below so the mother would not recognize her. It was when she came back 30 minutes later to complain about her broken ankle that the boy’s mother recognized her as a ‘family acquaintance’, whom she had previously witnessed ‘flirting’ with her son.


Keri Gonzalez

The mother called the police two days later to report the incident and she was arrested and charged for s*xual misconduct with a minor and providing false information to police.

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