Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Teacher admits sex attacks on 10 boys

By Thandeka Moyo

A TEACHER yesterday pleaded guilty to sickening sex attacks on 10 school boys, telling a magistrate: “It was a mistake.”

Nkosiyazi Sibanda, 20, of Sikwata Village in Lower Gweru, admitted 15 counts of aggravated indecent assault over a string of abuses at a school in Bubi, Matabeleland North, between September 2012 and October last year.

The monster was employed as a temporary teacher at Longwe Primary in Kenilworth when the abuses started.

Evil Sibanda claimed he had been abducted by three people who forcibly injected his penis with an unknown substance — causing him to lose interest in women and crave for sex with boys.

He told Bulawayo regional magistrate Colet Ncube that since the incident, he has been nursing a painful manhood that continuously discharges semen. He told the court he ended his relationship with his girlfriend as his interest in men grew.

“I admit that I abused the 10 pupils I was teaching, but it was not of my own doing,” Sibanda said, speaking in English.

“It was a mistake. I sodomised them in an unconscious state and would only rediscover myself after doing it.”

He claimed that sometime in 2012, he was abducted by two women and a man — an employee of bus company ZUPCO — who had offered him a job. He told a packed courtroom his abductors then injected him with an unknown substance and he passed out.

When he regained consciousness, Sibanda said he found himself at Kudzanani Bus Terminus in Gweru.

“Ever since that day, I have been ejaculating regularly and I’m no longer attracted to women,” he said.

Continuing with his bizarre disclosures, he insisted it was not his intention to abuse the 10 boys.

“Sometimes my testicles contract and expand as a result of that injection but I’ve not found any remedy yet. I sought medical attention from Birchenough Clinic after the incident,” he said.

At that point, Sibanda’s sister — sitting in the public gallery — screamed, attracting the attention of prison guards who escorted her out.

“Lokhu akwenzayo wayengazenzi shuwa (He’s surely not responsible for what he did),” she cried as she left the court.

Asked by the magistrate if he knew the woman who had just been seen out, Sibanda said it was his sister, adding: “I’m an orphan. She’s my only family. We live together in Lower Gweru.”

Magistrate Ncube remanded Sibanda in custody to February 21, saying it was necessary for the State to look into his alleged abduction and check with Gweru police and Birchenough Clinic for records and documents.

Medical reports read in court yesterday indicate that two of the 10 victims sustained damaged sphincters, causing them to soil themselves.

Sibanda’s sex attacks were brought to an end in October last year when a 13-year-old boy told police officers he had been abused over a period of three months. A police investigation found nine other boys who also claimed they had been sexually abused by him.

The Grade 7 pupil who sparked the investigation told investigators that sometime in August last year, Sibanda called him to his bedroom before closing and locking the door.

He then grabbed the boy and molested him once, said prosecutors. On October 1, Sibanda sent the same boy to his house after telling him to go and start a fire, it is alleged.

But prosecutors say he quickly followed and performed a sickening sex attack on the boy which left him in great pain. The boy told his mother leading to Sibanda’s arrest which would reveal more abuse. The Chronicle

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