Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How Cultists Kill This Beautiful Student For Rejecting Sexual Advances...

How Cultists Kill This Beautiful Student For Rejecting Sexual Advances In Lagos

The life of this 17-year-old student of Bowen University, Opeyemi Odusanya, has been cut short by some cult members in Lagos. The beautiful girl murdered for allegedly rejecting séxual advances from some youths in the area and also for “being too proud.”

Opeyemi was stabbed to death by the cult boys at her parents’ house in Alakuko, Lagos, on February 3.
“The deceased went to buy airtime for her telephone. As she was returning, a group of cult members trailed and entered the house with her. Opeyemi was alone at home when the guys entered. They instructed her to turn on the generator so that if she screamed, no one would hear.

“We believe that they wanted to rapé the girl, but she must have put up a fierce struggle as the whole house was scattered. The guys subsequently stabbed her in the stomach several times and ripped out her intestines.

“After killing her, they took her phone and the keys to her parents’ vehicle, a jeep, which was on the table. They stole the jeep, which was parked in the compound, after killing the girl.”

A police officer, who wished to remain anonymous, told Punch in Lagos.

The girl is a no-nonsense person who is focused on her studies. She was a 300 level student of Biochemistry at Bowen university.

Sadly, the cult boys used Opeyemi’s telephone line to send a text message to her mother, explaining why they killed the 17-year-old. Below is their message to the innocent girl's mother:

“Your child has been proud. We have been toasting her, but she has refused to accept. We have killed her to teach a lesson. We have also driven your car away.

If you want your car back, come to Lakas Hotel or Cele Bus Stop around Mile 2 to pick it up. If we see policemen around, we will kill everybody.”

Anyway, Nigeria police say they are on top of the situation.

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  1. What is wrong with people!? Life is so pracious man!!


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