Thursday, 13 February 2014


A Harare man was dared to strip and dance around in the nude at the Gulf Complex for $75. And he did just that.

Alex Maisiri (34), a father of four who lives in Chitungwiza, was told by a trader Thompson Magwegwe (33) that $75 was his if he stripped and danced around naked in full view of hordes of people.

Maisiri is also a trader who sells all kinds of wares at the complex. When he was dared other people egged him on and the $75 and a bottle of whisky proved too appealing for Maisiri.
It was pouringwith rain when Maisiri stripped and danced as a crowd gathered, some cheering while others shook their heads in shame.

“Yes I danced around naked in front of people. Magwegwe promised me $75 plus a bottle of Viceroy. I just did it but I think I was drunk a bit,” said Maisiri. He was not sure if he got the money after the actMaisiri said he was so ashamed of his antics that he spent days without showing up at the Gulf Complex. He blamed Magwegwe for dangling money and taking advantage of his drunken state..

But Magwegwe was telling a different story. He denied that he dared Maisiri at all saying he took off his clothes on his own accord. “Vapfanha vefodya ava vanoita zvakawanda,” he said.

Magwegwe however said he threw some cash on the floor as Maisiri was dancing just like what everyone was doing.

“He was drunk and he just took off his clothes and started dancing. I recorded the whole thing and everyone is laughing at him. Maisiri munhu anogara akadhakwa, naizvozvo akangotanga kukatanura hembe dzake oga.”

But other traders said Magwegwe dared Maisiri with $75. They said he had done that before with another employee. They suspect witchcraft since Magwegwe had four flourishing shops and 15 workers. But Magwegwe laughed at the allegations saying people were jealous of his success.

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